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Picture of Agate
Picture of Agate Picture of Agate Picture of Agate


The "Protection" Stone
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GOLDEN BROWN GREY Agate with a little speck of pyrite pendant surrounded by amber and citrine chips!
  • Gemstone Type: Agate, Amber, Citrine
  • Necklace Length: 19 Inches
  • Pendant Size: 2 Inches
*All measurements are approximate
Note: Most of these stones are naturally raw. Expect some imperfections and natural cracking of the stone.
About Agate - Agate attracts strength. Agate is a protection from bad dreams. It also protects from stress and energy drains.

Healing with Agate - Agate is used for stomach upsets. Place the agate on the solar plexus. The agate can't change emotions, but helps to change our level of acceptance of the emotion.

Associated Chakra(s) - Solar Plexus

Agate is also connected with the zodiac sun signs of Gemini. Also Taurus, Virgo, Libra, and Capricorn.
To maintain the condition of your crystal & gemstone jewelry remove when showering, swimming or when undertaking manual or domestic work.