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Picture of Dog Tooth Amethyst
Picture of Dog Tooth Amethyst Picture of Dog Tooth Amethyst Picture of Dog Tooth Amethyst

Dog Tooth Amethyst

The "Breath of Life" Stone
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PRETTY ATTRACTIVE STUNNING Dog Tooth Amethyst nuggets surrounded by more amethyst!
  • Gemstone Type: Dog Tooth Amethyst, Amethyst
  • Necklace Length: 19 Inches
  • Pendant Size: 2 Inches (Center Stone)
*All measurements are approximate
Note: Most of these stones are naturally raw. Expect some imperfections and natural cracking of the stone.
About Dog Tooth Amethyst - Also known as Chevron Amethyst, it is said to combine the strengthening and enhancing energies of quartz with the stress relieving energies of amethyst. Together these minerals create the aka chevron amethyst, which is noted in metaphysics to enhance peace of mind, relaxation and self-discovery. Dog Tooth Amethyst is said to bring courage and inner strength. The stone is said in mystical lore to lessen any resistance to helping oneself, particularly as concerns self-awareness.

Healing with Dog Tooth Amethyst - It also is said to diminish addictive tendencies and assists in recovery from addictions

Associated Chakra(s) - Crown

Dog Tooth Amethyst is also connected with the zodiac sun sign of Pisces.
To maintain the condition of your crystal & gemstone jewelry remove when showering, swimming or when undertaking manual or domestic work.