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Picture of Mabe Blister Pearl
Picture of Mabe Blister Pearl Picture of Mabe Blister Pearl

Mabe Blister Pearl

Stone of "Sincerity"
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  • Gemstone Type: Mabe Blister Pearl, Rice Drop Pearl
  • Bracelet Length: 8½ Inches
*All measurements are approximate
Note: Most of these stones are naturally raw. Expect some imperfections and natural cracking of the stone.
About Mabe Blister Pearl - Pearl symbolizes purity and can stimulate that condition in ones body and mind. It also signifies faith, charity, and innocence, enhances personal integrity, and helps to provide a focus to ones attention. Pearls has been known as "stones of sincerity", bringing truth to situations and loyalty to a cause. It is also used to provide a reflection of the self through the eyes of others.

Healing with Mabe Blister Pearl - Pearl has been used to increase fertility and to ease childbirth.

Associated Chakra(s) -

Mabe Blister Pearl is also connected with the zodiac sun signs of Cancer & Gemini.
To maintain the condition of your crystal & gemstone jewelry remove when showering, swimming or when undertaking manual or domestic work.